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How To Mint, Sell or Run Auction Your Extraordinary NFT Creations


Dec 13, 2022


Mint, Sell or Run Auctions For Your Extraordinary NFT Creations With Single Click with 4 instant steps:

1st Step:
Instant Register To Have Wallet
Once you’ve registered your mail for having a wallet instantly, connected to $CT NFT Chain by clicking the REGISTER Menu on the top or by receiving Referral Link from referral directly.

2nd Step:
Create & Prepare Digital Art Work
Create & Well-Prepared your Digital Art Work before uploading to minting as your NFT collection. Add social media links, a description, profile & banner images for outside link promotion.

3rd Step:
Mint Your Creation To Be NFTs
Upload your work (image, audio, video, or 3D art), choose category, add a title and description, then MINT to be NFTs by clicking the button.

4th Step:
List NFTs For Sale or Auctions
Choose between auctions, fixed-price selling list, and declining-price listings. You may choose how you want to sell your NFTs!